Monday, February 20, 2012


Hamy V update. 

Shot another four very thin coats of color on top of the sanded undercoats, and then about five thin coats of clear. 

There are many theories about how long to wait between the color coat and the clear coat, usually discussed by the obsessive-compulsive-crowd in terms of weeks.  Well, the cans I had recommended waiting thirty minutes.  So I'm sure we blew their minds by waiting forty-five.


The sunlight shows the depth of the color.

Available at your local VIP Parts.

For fine-buffing of the clear coat

We'll wait a while (days? weeks?) for the clear-coat to really dry.  One rule of thumb I've read said that it's dry when it no longer smells like paint.  Makes sense to me. 

We'll wet-sand it with the 2000 grit shown above, then use the car-waxing buffer to bring the shine back.  That should remove the orange-peel like effect and leave a very smooth finish.  I hope.

I've got a piece of maple that I painted and clear-coated alongside the guitar.  We'll use it to experiment with the sanding and buffing.

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