Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hamy V Worship?

It was Christmas 2010 that I gave the Hamy V body to Henry and we've chipped (and filed and sanded and planed) away at it in fits and starts ever since.  Sometimes seasons would pass while the guitar sat in the corner of his room or my office.

The time has come to take the risk of painting it. The worst that can happen is it comes out ugly.

So here goes.  Over the weekend, Henry and I did the last routing of the control panel.

Our operating table
 We masked off the top, the neck, and the headstock.  Do you like the flowers?  We could do some decoupage and shellac them.  :)

The top will get veneer instead of paint

We put up a painting booth in the "mold room."

You see strange things in Maine in winter

We then started spraying with gray Dupli-Color sealer/filler/primer from a rattle can.  It's meant for car refinishing and should do nicely for guitars.  We applied a couple of coats, let them dry overnight, then sanded with 200, then 320.  Two more coats, sanded with 200, 320, then 400.

Sadly, we failed to get a picture of the gray beast.

This afternoon we wiped it down with some rubbing alcohol to get all the dust off of it, took it into the booth, and laid down the color coats:

We covered in many coats.  The can spurted a little on the last coat (dang!) so we may have some wet-sanding and more coats to apply.

Now it's like waiting for paint to dry.  I was shocked at the depth and vibrance of the color.  After we repair the spittle on the neck and add a few more coats, we'll give the paint a week or two to really cure, then cover it with four coats of poly, then wet-sand and buff it up to a polish. 

I don't think it's going to be ugly.  Mrs. Toadroller likes it.

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