Saturday, February 18, 2012

The finer things

Project Hamy V continues. 

The pearl blue paint has dried over the last few days, and this morning I took some 2000 grit wet-sanding to the splatter on the neck.

One small test led to another larger test and more confidence.  I ended up wet sanding the whole thing, lightly, with progressive 600 to 1500 to 2000, smoothing out all the rough spots.  You can see the dull areas where the sanding had its greatest effect.  Now the surface is, as my friend Bill Huber used to say, "smooth as a baby's bottom," although Bill was referring to his Olde English 300 quart bottle of beer, which he also claimed to taste "like mother's milk." You and I know Olde English 300 is nothing of the sort.

Next up, we'll spray a few more coats of color to get the sparkle back in the finish, and then cover it all with many layers of clear-coat. I figure all this sanding is good practice for when we ultimately have to sand, buff, and polish the clear-coat for the final product. 

We also have to get the veneer glued to the top and trim it close.  My experiments indicate that process will be a pain much like the morning after a little too much Olde English 300.


  1. I love the color, and it looks so different with paint. I'm starting to believe that it will be a real guitar. Sorry, but until it was painted, it was just a guitar-shaped piece of wood. I'm especially impressed by the curves you were able to create on the back of the neck, because I know what it looked like when you started.

  2. I'll believe it when I get the frets in and the veneer on and clear-coated. It looks nice now, but when the clearcoat on the blue dries and I can buff it, it will look amazing.