Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh, and a new guitar day

Slab mahogany body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard.
25" scale cutting the line between Gibson and Fender
Full-bodied yet articulate, snarling P90s
One volume, one tone
Quality hardware
Made in USA
It needed a clean up

Oops, missing something.  Good thing I have some stock parts in my bins.

Now aint that pretty?  Trans-purple, black P90s, and orange knobs.

"Elf-hat" headstock.  Same concept as the Wolfgang I have.  Straight string pulls, angled, quality Gotoh tuners.

Bridge and tailpiece are embedded in routed slots for a low profile.  Very classy.
Cleaned it off
Restrung with 10s
Neck and frets are perfect
Nary a pop or scratch form the pots or switch
Solid, lightweight, balances well.  Very playable sitting and standing
There's something about Peavey and Peavey- through the ValveKing 100 head, pure rawk.

After a week of playing it almost exclusively, I was a bit anxious to pick up one of the Hamers.  Not to worry.  The Hamers (the Daytona, the Special) are entirely different guitars.  But they aren't light years ahead.  That's not an insult to Hamers, by the way, it's one hell of a compliment to Peavey.

This is not the last Peavey I will buy.  They made a version of this model with a humbucker, single, single pickup configuration and a tremelo.  Two other noteworthy Peavey's I'll be watching the usual used sources for:  A Falcon strat-style and a Generation S-3, a Telecaster style with "Nashville" configuraiton single, single, single pickup configuration.

My last two guitar purchases, the Daytona and this Firenza, have totaled $350.  You can't beat that for value.

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  1. I can't believe how different it looks all cleaned up. When it arrived, I was very skeptical, but it now looks and sounds great. Have fun with your new toy, Luv.