Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Hamer time!

I haven't done a guitar post in a long time, so here's a quickie.

It's a Korean Hamer Studio with Duncan Designed humbuckers, a beautiful blue burst maple flame top, binding. All the usual Hamer import superlatives apply. The neck and fretwork are fabulous, though not quite the same feel as Goldie. At some point I'll replace the pickups with something more fun or purposeful. Why? Because tweaking is fun, dammit!

Speaking of Goldie, I swapped her stock Hamer P90s with some GFS P90s from a Xaviere XV600 Semi-hollow body. Wow. Fabulous pickups. I'm impressed. The poor Xaviere feels a little silly with Hamer cast off pickups in it, and I'm sure the fine folk over at would be a little insulted by this... but I love Goldie too much.

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