Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Campaign update: Decision 2016

What the fuck, America?

Is this group of trope-blathering, empty-headed, power-grabbing, mini-despot wannabes the best you'll let filter through your diverse and lengthy presidential vetting process?

Let's review:
  • Hilary, the front runner, should be rotting in jail awaiting trial.  And she never will.  Class privilege and all that.
  • Bernie is a self-proclaimed socialist.*  
  • Kasich is what a democrat should be. All for the people, all for compromise, all for working together.  He's certainly not a republican.
  • Which leads us on to Trump, the blow-hard populist bully.  America, being frustrated with what Obama has done to destroy the country doesn't mean we elect him again.  And that's all Trump is, an Obama in sheep's clothing who thinks he can throw his weigh around.
  • And bringing up second place, first loser, is Mr. Cruz.  At least he is a republican running for the republican nomination.  He was about 4th in my list of a strong field of conservative, free-market oriented, liberty-loving, no-nonsense leaders.  Now he'd be lucky to win the consolation match against Bernie.
  • Is Rubio still playing?  I turned off political media about three months ago and have felt the better for it.
Better luck next time, America.  You owe yourselves a pat on the back.  But watch out for the hands in your wallet.

*A socialist! Four years ago the eldest Toadroller mentioned a political discussion held in the back of a team bus headed back from a high school baseball away game.  One of the players had claimed to be a socialist.  I gasped.  As recent as then, it was anathema anti-American to be a socialist.  Now?  Trendy.  Fashion forward.

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