Tuesday, April 2, 2013


In addition to being floored that I saw NOYFB as a vanity plate a couple of years ago...

I got a letter from my local bank today informing me that

...recent activity on your account does not meet with federal requirements for that account type.  Federal regulations require us to limit the total number of specific withdrawal (demit) transfers that can be made from a savings account per monthly statement cycle to six (6)... During the most recent statement cycle your transfers totaled 13.  If you think you will regularly process more than six...
Poppycock.  It's a savings account.  I put money in there so that I can move it into place for strategic payments like, say, the four payments of extravagant size and proportion I made to the Federal and State governments for my annual taxes last month.  Who should care how many transactions I make with it?

Do tell me, nanny-staters, that this is somehow for my own protection.

What I choose to do with that portion of my money I'm permitted to keep is NOYFB.

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