Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some good, some bad

Last Friday I picked up a new cell phone from the office, the new Blackberry Bold Touch 9930.  Fancy it is; probably the best that RIM has to offer and an impressive stat sheet it has:

  • 1.2ghz processor and tons of RAM
  • 8 gb built in storage with a slot for my 32gb micro sd card (for holding music and podcasts, you know)
  • touchscreen and a very nice feeling blackberry keyboard
  • every kind of radio you can imagine- blue tooth, wifi, cell, gps... it even has a compass built in.
So far, it's been intuitive for a Blackberry user to adopt.  It just seems right.  you touch the screen when you think you should; you use the buttons and keyboard when you think you should.

The real good, though, was when I did my corporate enterprise activation.  They sent me an email with simple directions (go to the device, this icon, this menu, enter this and hit go) and golly, it worked.  Down came my contacts, calendar, email, everything else.  My ringtones and apps even carried over.  Impressive!

And then I ported my phone number to the new device (the company had me switch from T-Mobile to Verizon, which I'm not going to complain about here in the woods of Maine.  What does a German company care about the woods of Maine?  They gave me simpler instructions- dial this number, hit 1.  I did it, the kind computer recording on the end asked me to listen to a voicemail setup public service announcement while my number was moved.  When the ad was over, my phone had been switched.

Like that.  Apple couldn't have done any better.

I'm already impressed with the hardware and utility of the phone, let's see how it survives real life where we live off the things.

The bad:

Now my BlackBerry Desktop software  won't recognize or connect with the device.  I've tried a few different things, connecting, disconnecting.  It had worked well before the enterprise activation, but now- no connection.  I'll have to go through the usual PC rituals- rebooting, different cables, uninstalling.  Crap.

Update twenty minutes later:  I re-installed the Blackberry Desktop Software (not to be confused with the Blackberry Device Manager or the Blackberry Desktop Manager or the Blackberry Device Desktop) and it found my phone on start up.  The media sync wonked out when I tried it, but when I when to the applications, it started synching the music to the device.  Sloooooowly.  I don't mind, as long as it gets there.  I've got all night.

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