Friday, May 7, 2010

dippity doo

So, the stock market took a nosedive yesterday afternoon, dropping almost 10% in the course of an hour or so. It was co-incidental (and mayyyybe cause and effect related) with riots in Greece over the passing of "austerity" laws.

Greece is over-burdened with debt and entitlements obligations. So they came to the EU asking for help. Help was offered under the conditions that they cut back their budget, which means entitlements freezes, cuts in union/public services pay, etc. Hence those dependent on such things got scared as.. what they were taking won't be there any more.

There were related riots in Germany; basically German citizens telling their government not to send their money to the Greeks. Well, of all peoples, fiscal concern from the Germans? Good for them! But it shouldn't be surprising. Who wants another person pulling from your buffet line?

Which brings us to the crux of the point. Are you going to be a piglet who fights to get to the sow, or are you going to be the sow?  Granted, the sow will have to take on more piglets than her own...

Are you going to be dependent on something (that probably won't be there) in the future, or are you going to make yourself independent? Will you take or will you have? Will you be a slave or will you be defending your property?  Will you pull the cart or are you going to be a burden?

What will you do when the sow goes dry?

Start saving now.

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  1. Good post, Dennis. I liked the brevity; you got your point across quickly and succinctly. I'm amazed by how the light burdens become when you have money in the bank and no clouds of debt to obstruct your vision.