Thursday, March 25, 2010

What to say?

The House passed on Sunday night,  and Obama signed on Tuesday morning, government control of healthcare into law. 

As if on queue, the sunny, gorgeous, pre-spring weather hitting the sixties and seventies turned into cold heavy rain, and finally let up here on Thursday.  Dark, gray, windy, and cold. 

I've wondered for more than a week (as the impending gloom circled and became reality) how I might write about it all.  Should I write an educational piece?  An impassioned explanation of what is so fundamentally wrong with it?  A short story with a duck and cat to explain the issues at hand in a way that even a four year old can understand?  Clever jokes and pokes?

I still don't know. But I will say that it has frustrated and depressed me because of the idea, the lies, the selling, and the process.  I do know that the next generation, my grandchildren, will take it as a given that healthcare is something that comes from the government (by then it will in its entirety- who can compete with someone whose captial is limited to the wealth of the entire population), like social security and medicaid are viewed today.  It takes an education and a thought process to understand that social security is a bad thing.  It takes a change in paradigm from what you've been taught, what you've lived with, the way everyone else does things, to understand this.  Sorry, most people aren't educated.  They don't pay attention.  They are happy to live the way everyone else does.

The unexamined life.  Ignorance is bliss.  Did you see what happened on "Lost" last night?  Sound bites and press relations and getting your agenda across.

Is there a silver lining?  I don't know.  No.  Yes.  Slopes are slippery.  Pendulums swing.  Of course there is.  The worst it's ever been; we've seen it all before.  A downard spiral; a renaissance of conservative thought and action.  Freedom aint free; give me libery or give me death; when in the course of human events; these enumerated powers; checks and balances; the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried;

Consent of the governed.


We are people, we are humans, we are children of God, we are free in spirit even if we, as a people, seem hell bent on surrendering the liberties we have to for freedom from worry.  We have brains.  We can choose not to participate in the insanity. 

I used to think this as withdrawing from society, escaping, going alone, hiding, becomming a hermit.  Funny thing though- I'm discovering more freedom of what God meant for life as we go down these paths of homeschooling, having too many kids, living without debt, living without birth control pills (never had it, never will), living without the crap television and news.  And I'm finding a bunch of people are taking this walk.  So now I'm thinking it isn't withdrawing, but re-forming.  re-defining.  Pursuing happiness.  Which is one of the fundamental freedoms (along with life and liberty) for which we took the risk of giving George the finger, and for which we can continue to fight and choose to live.  And which, for now, we're still permitted by this government which we permitted into being.

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