Tuesday, September 23, 2008

JunkPile 005

You know those little remnants of soap after the bar has gone from brand new to working size to getting kinda small and now useless? Let's call them soap chips.

There were two of them in the shower this morning. I threw them out after my shower and replaced them with a new bar. I've got a few theories as to why these things never seem to go away:

  • Frugality- It's still soap, why waste any of it?

  • Laziness- I'll do it tomorrow.

  • Irresponsibility- Somebody else will do it

  • It's a test- Somebody is waiting to see if somebody else will do it. And each day that "somebody else" doesn't do it annoys the original somebody so much... Screwtape would love it.

  • Absentmindedness- I mean to throw them out, honest I do, and then I find myself in my office with a cup of coffee, the chips of soap a distant memory. Not that distant- they're on the ledge in the shower.

  • Non efficiency- Okay, here's my honest excuse. I can't stand to shower, get all clean and dried, and then reach into the shower and slime my hands all up again with soap. I'm too lazy to rewash and dry my hands, and I still haven't figured an efficient way of showering, throwing out the soap chips, then rinsing my hands, then drying off. I don't like water on the floor, so I'm not going to throw them out while the shower is running. I'm not going to reach out and drip everywhere. I'm not going to turn the shower off, drip all over the floor, throw them out, turn the shower back on... There's no efficient, simple way to do it, so it doesn't get done. That's the truth of it.

Today, for the sake of the junkpile, I bit the bullet and threw them out.
And then I washed my hands again. Phooey.



  1. I would have thrown out the soap chips when I cleaned the shower, m'luv. Cleaning that bathroom is on the chore list for Tuesdays (today!), so you slimed up your hand for nothing. I also would've put in a bar of the handmade spearmint soap I bought at the Longfellow's craft show a few weeks back. You opened up a new bar of Dove, didn't you? Now, I'm not necessarily complaining or saying you did something wrong; I'm simply commenting.

  2. Actually, I wrote this a month ago, so those chips of soap are long gone, and I've long since recovered from slimed hands.

  3. Leave them down at the drain and let them "melt" away on their own.

  4. Dude, let me introduce you to soap welding.

    You get your new bar of soap, take your shower, and then, when the new bar and the soap chip are both a little wet, you smoosh the soap chip down onto the top of the bar until they are welded together. Sometimes it takes a couple of showers to get the seam good. No wasted soap!

    Of course, you have to stand in the shower for an extra 5 minutes, wasting hot water, but it's so worth it.

  5. I wouldn't know, I have my own shower.

    you're loving ten-year-old daughter Bridget.